Academic: Design Projects

The following project selection cover a range of design projects with which I have been associated. Project roles range from engagement as a:

Several of these projects have been outlined below.

A small selection of case study overviews of projects are also available - IE Resource Management and Annotated Video Project.

Design Coach for Global Design Course with Stanford University, California, USA.
Design coach for postgraduate design project for the next generation iRoom. Role as an architectural and interaction designer advising with design, prototyping and development of an interactive and aware room environment.
Stanford Project Course Wedbsite - [ ]

2006: Workshop developer and organiser - ‘Object of Interaction’ Workshop
Design, development and organising of the day-long workshop for the Australasian Computer-Human Interaction Conference - OZCHI’06, 21st November, Sydney, Australia.
Workshop Website - [ ]

Virtual Communities and Human Dimensions Projects, Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID).
Role as an interaction and web designer and researcher in exploring the nature of virtual collaboration and workflow in industry. Deployment of select social networking tool solutions (AJAX), through a user-centric consideration of organizational structure, workflow and user tasks. Current deployments include E-Health/Nursing a distributed Artists network and a collaborative drawing tool deployment in an architectural context.

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Selected diagrams, imagery and reports from projects available [ ACID ].
Virtual Communities project website -
[ ]
Human Dimensions project website -
[ ]

Redesign and Management of Information Environments Program IT infrastructure
Through a role as both web designer and IT co-ordinator for the Information Environments Program, the focus has ben two-fold. Management of IT infrastructure, including server, lab image and configuration linked with the redesign and co-ordination of web structure for the program, including public presence, advertising and intranet portal services. Services provided cover day- to-day activites required by staff and students: assignment submission, galleries of work, equipment booking systems, IT support requests.

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Case Study:
Resource Management
A overview of the design process, interface and project considerations is available. [ IERM Overview ]

Project live at: [ ]

Location-Based Experiences, ACID and Brisbane City Council.
Project in the design and creation of locative experiences for community and tourist contexts. As an Interaction Designer, roles included deploying participatory design processes to explore the relationships of the site, context, public and stakeholders engaged through the project. Other project roles included user observation, stakeholder interviews, design mockups and interface development. Outcomes included the production of a prototype mobile-based tourist game in November 2005, with a brief for future deployment.

Apple Developer Grant - developing a shared video annotated system, Apple and University of QLD.
Interaction designer for distributed web-based video annotation development project utilizing QTSS, SMIL and unix capabilities in an AJAX front-end on Mac OSX. Roles include project management, developing scenarios, interface development with end-user analysis and testing.

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Case Study: Video Annotation - background of Project Panda.
A overview of the design process, interface and project considerations surrounding a set of interrelated projects leading to Project Panda. [ Panda Overview ]

Further project information available at - [ Project Panda Website ]

Mobile Emergency tool:
A prototype development of PDA based emergency reference guide and aide. Designed for use by semi-skilled health professionals and to guide untrained individuals through correct procedure in high stress situations. Project Role: Supervision and Project Management. Student supervised: Craig Vincent.
View project demonstrator - [ html/swf ]

Weather Station Project:
Development of a unique information architecture solution for a weather website. Drawing upon real-time weather data, the project involved students exploring an appropriate target market and developing a site for that audience applying user centric approaches. Project Role: Course Co-ordinator and Project Management
Student 1: Hanif Baharin. View project portfolio - [ background ] [ design process ] [ final design ]
Student 2: Nathan Hoad.View project portfolio - [ portfolio ]

Lymphoedema Interface Redesign:
The redesign of an lymphoedema monitoring device and pc based software. Students were given a clear brief to improve usability of the software and accessibility of the data collected. Scenario development, user interviews and iterative mockups preceeded the final prototype development.
Student 1: Hanif Baharin. View project portfolio - [ background ] [ design process ] [ final design ]
Student 2: Nathan Hoad.View project portfolio - [ portfolio ]

Further project details available from the Interaction Design Research Division website -

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