Web Design - Portfolio

Green Island Consulting DesignName: Green Island Consulting Website - Spring 2006.
Creation of a new company website for an environmental architecture consultancy, utilising a lightweight CMS.
URL: http://www.greenisland.net.au
Status: Under construction

iCampus initiative website designName: iCampus - Spring 2006.
Development of website for the UQ- iCampus initiative. Development includes news and blogging functionality while maintaining corporate identity.
URL: http://icampus.uq.edu.au
Status: Under construction

iCampus initiative website designName: IE Resource Management System - Winter 2006.
Development of resource management system for the Information Environments Program. Development of database schema, web interface, user access levels and a function workflow for system interaction.
URL: More information on the interface available in the interaction design section.
Status: Currently in revision for version 2

TDF projects redesignName: TDF Website - Winter 2006.
Redesign of company website for the Brisbane property developers, TDF Projects.
URL: http://www.tdfprojects.com.au
Status: Complete

Jigsaw Counselling ServicesName: Jigsaw Counselling Services - Winter 2006.
Development of a business website to promote the events of community counselling for those in need.
URL: http://www.jigsawcounselling.org.au/
Status: Complete

RS Motorsport WebsiteName: RS Motorsport Website - Summer 2006.
A enthusiast site devoted to the restoation and racing of classic Ford Escorts.
URL: http://www.rsmotorsport.com.au/
Status: Complete

ImpediMed WebsiteName: ImpediMed Website - Winter 2005.
Redesign of corporate website for ImpediMed Ltd - Bioimpedance devices.
URL: http://www.impedimed.com/
Status: Complete

BioImpedance WebsiteName: BioImpedance Analysis - Winter 2005.
Redesign of informational website for Bioimpedance Analysis.
URL: http://florey.biosci.uq.edu.au/BIA/
Status: Complete

Tongue N Groove WebsiteName: Tongue & Groove Website - Summer 2004.
Development of advertising website to promote the events of the Tongue & Groove restaurant, Brisbane, Australia.
URL: http://www.tng.net.au
Status: Complete

Name: Saxby Designs website - Summer 2003/4.
Creation of company site for the display of architectural illustrations.
URL: http://www.saxbydesigns.cjb.net
Status: Design mockup only

Name: TDF Website- Winter 2003.
Development of company homepage for the Brisbane property developers, TDF Projects.
URL: http://www.tdfprojects.com.au
Status: Complete

Name: OZCHI2003 website - Autumn 2003.
Development of site for the Human-Computer Interaction conference - OZCHI2003.
URL: http://www.ozchi2003.itee.uq.edu.au
Status: Complete

Name: Evergreen Envy website - Summer 2002/3.
Development of online sales site for floral arrangements.
URL: http://www.evergreenenvy.com.au/
Status: Design mockup only

Name: Impedimed website - Spring - Autumn 2002.
Creation of a company homepage for bioimpedence technology website.
URL: http://www.impedimed.com
Status: Complete

Name: Soil Gas Geotechnical (SDP) website - Spring 2002.
Creation of templates and stage one pages for company.
URL: http://www.sdpsoilgas.com.au
Status: Design mock up only.

Name: Prosser/Healthy Home website - Winter 2002/03.
Development of site and imagery for virtual tour of environmentally friendly home on the Gold Coast , Australia.
URL: http://www.healthyhomeproject.com.au
Status: Complete

Name: PHC-RED website - Winter 2001 - Summer 2002.
Primary health Care, Research Evaluation & Development site. Design and management in conjunction with ESP Computing.
URL: http://www.sph.uq.edu.au/red/
Status: Complete

Name: CIPSIA website - Spring 2001.
Creation of a organisational homepage for Chartered Security Investigators.
URL: http://www.cipsia.org.au
Status: Complete