Interaction Design

One question often asked is: What is Interaction Design?

To quote Alan Cooper, one of the great driving forces behind interaction design;

"Interaction designers focus directly on the way users see and interact with software-based products." (Cooper, 1999: p.16).

Whether it be considering the nature of software interfaces or mobile phone technology, the role of interaction design is of the utmost importance.

M Simpson Designs can provide a range of services from analysing the interaction of your existing software tools, through to exploring the needs of your users when designing your new software.

When designing it is important to remember;

"…good interaction design is devising interactions that let users achieve their practical goals without violating their personal goals." (Cooper, 1999: p.150).

If the needs of your users and target audience are important to you, contact M Simpson Designs to discuss how to help your organisation.

Cooper, A. (1999) The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity, Sams, USA.

Interaction Design Projects

Previous interaction design project work can be viewed through the academic section of the website - [ projects ] .

Interaction Design Case Studies

Case Study Overviews - small overview case studies to provide an insight into project process and details.