Architectural Design and Modeling - Portfolio

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Below you will find a small selection of imagery from a range of architecture projects.

Boston St - Architectural Renovation.
The extension of an old highset Queenslander (timber frame and wall construction) house. Job required re-measuring the of existing structure and surveying of site, scoping of site alterations for the raising of the property and inclusion of a large open plan lower floor.

Below are some selected images from the process.

Zebra Week view Zebra Video View
1. Selected plans and details. Selected working plans and details from an architectural renovation conducted for a private residence in Brisbane, Australia (click for larger image). 2. Snippet of structural loading and bracing details. (click for larger image).
Elevations Bracing Plan
3. Elevation. (click for larger image). 4. Bracing diagram. (click for larger image).

(coming soon)

(coming soon)
5. 3D views of the design during construction (coming soon) 6. 3D views of the design during construction (coming soon)

Virtual Tours

The following screen shots are taken from a virtual tour of an environmentally friendly house produced 3 years ago. The intention was to use a combination of strong visual interactive imagery and a rich overlay of content to provide an insightful insight for potential visitors.

Healthy home 1 Healthy home 2
1. Entry Page for view tour . Users get option for how they will navigate the virtual space (click for larger image). 2. Show from virtual tour. Two types of interaction are available inside the space - navigation and clicking for more information. All this can be done directly from the virtual tour providing a strong context for users (click for larger image).

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